VisioTech Systems makes every effort to convey the special offers given to us by our suppliers, to our valued Clients.

We are offering the VTS ‘All-in-One portable CCTV Hi-res Spy Camera System‘ for your Business.

To be used in all types of businesses to record activities like dishonesty, theft, malicious damage, stock control, dispatch areas, incidences amongst employees and many other applications.

Easy to install… just hang it against the wall, facing the area you want to cover – lens offers an approximately 80 degrees angle.

The appearance of the ‘unit’ does NOT reveal its identity as a Spy Camera but rather looks like a “high voltage surge protector”.

This compacted CCTV Spy Camera System offers the full functionality necessary to record and store incidences on the hard drive (date & time) for playback when needed.

System can be installed in 30 seconds and removed in 5 !

Official South African Design – Saving you LOTS of money!